Who is Faith Connexion?

Founded in Paris in 2000, purchased by new owners in 2014, and reacquired in 2020; Faith Connexion is a global fashion brand with French flair: a collective of designers and artists focused on a new translation of fashion for affluent millennials, offering a 360° closet that embodies chic rock, edgy glamour and street couture in a modern mix & match mentality

About the Brand

Launched to critical acclaim and gained prominence under the artistic direction of Faith Tribe in 2015, and quickly became one of the leading & trendiest luxury street-wear brands.

Today, Faith Connexion stands out from the mainstream and represents an eclectic yet stable wardrobe for people with a desire to showcase their individuality. Faith Connexion has global recognition and has been worn by some of the world’s most influential fashion leaders.

Faith Tribe

Faith Connexion is working with a top-tier software development firm based in the US with experience in crypto and blockchain technology. The team is working in collaboration with the creative team to design and develop the digital creative platform, Faith Tribe.

Faith Tribe is a digital creative platform that embodies Faith Connexion’s culture of collaboration and community. An online marketplace and open-source platform that gives buyers easy access to production-scale customization and establishes a direct channel of communication with FC-approved creators (designers and artists).

About NFT Collectibles

NFTs are trending in fashion. In just a few months, numerous fashion and beauty brands have begun issuing NFTs, including Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Nars Cosmetics. Faith Connexion is reintroducing itself to the world through an exclusive NFT initiative that was presented at the Art Basel Fair in Miami Beach in the first week of December 2021.

NFT Initiative:

Minting 10 NFT collectibles paired with the brand’s most iconic pieces. All garments are being sold & were displayed in their showroom during Art Basel and will be embedded with NFC tags that confer ownership upon scanning.

The pieces constitute Faith Connexion’s best selling and most successful garments, by owning the first iteration of NFT collectibles the buyers will be owning part of the brand’s history.

The NFT collectibles were complemented with designer sketches, related media and possibly invitations to exclusive virtual and live events.


Generational shift in consumers and the acceleration of digital transformation has supercharged the growth of digital fashion and interest in NFTs. Faith Connexion is taking advantage of global trends to raise funds through a Token Offering and deliver on its integrated vision of building a creator-first platform for open-source design.

Faith Connexion is planning to issue 5 billion* Faith tokens over the next 10 years, with 750 million* FAITH tokens issued in the first year.

The culture of Faith Connexion where all garments are created by a collective of designers is an ideal fit with the communal ethos of the crypto space. The decentralization and active participation of the public in the creative process is in line with the brand’s long-term vision of democratizing fashion for creators.

Open Platform Design

In a world where on-demand luxury consumption is gaining traction, the old model of relying on an internal team led by one creative director no longer appeals to the new generation. Luxury fashion simply moves too quickly as it is being developed in the street, not in a showroom.

Faith Connexion pioneered the open design platform with multiple designers

  • Artists or designers collaborate with Faith Connexion to create their own designs or variations on existing designs, which allows for repurposing and upcycling of existing stock with minimal effort.
    Over the years FC has collaborated with renowned artists and creatives such as NTMB, Nina Chanel, Pisco and Dust of Gods to great commercial and critical success.
  • Crowdsourced creatives also contribute the collective power of their individual social networks to drive awareness and sales to Faith Connexion.
  • Following this strategy ensures Faith Connexion remains relevant and allows for faster-fashion, faster sales through organic marketing, and efficient and economical brand awareness.
  • Open Design Platform Advantages

Our Philosophy: What do we believe?

  1. Future health of a fashion brand is predicated on going up the value chain
  2. Outsource everything that is commoditized
  3. Focus on areas where we have a proven competitive edge
  4. Revolutionize how we purchase and consume fashion through decentralized finance