FAITH CONNEXION X Swizz Beatz & Nina Chanel

Grammy award-winning producer and art collector Swizz Beatz is the catalyst behind this meeting of minds. His «No Commission» project is dedicated to making art more accessible while also tearing down barriers for young artists. It was during the Bronx edition of No Commission that Nina Chanel, a contemporary Afro-American artist, began to make her waves in the art scene. Referring to her colorful and graphic frescoes, which explore notions of gender, identity and politics, Nina explains that her work is "easy to swallow, difficult to digest". For this collection, Nina launches her capsule into the Faith Connexion universe, joining the brand’s collective of creatives, composed of designers, taggers and renowned visual artists. By inviting Nina to collaborate, Faith Connexion puts a new twist on the No Commission concept: her art becomes even more accessible when transposed to the medium of the brand’s signature sportswear silhouettes.