Art is always at the root of every Faith Connexion collection, and its playful provocation, expressed through a fusion of artistic designs, craftsmanship and technology, is what makes each collection unique. In fact, Faith Connexion’s ultimate goal is to cultivate a visionary network where creative impulses can be shared. Transcending fashion for the sake of art, society and subcultures and establishing strong bonds through a higher form of togetherness is at the heart of Faith Connexion’s collective and brand philosophy.

The Neapolitan brand NTMB is the brainchild of Davide de Vivo and co-directed by his partner-in-crime, Mattero Paloni. The concept of NTMB is to celebrate urban and pop culture in all its forms and to dissect vintage clothing and older statement pieces – to reuse and to recycle them – in order to breathe new life into a multitude of fabrics and materials and to reshape them into brand-new statement pieces. In this context, Davide and Mattero work often with timeless materials such as recycled denim – an iconic fabric that has played a decisive role throughout fashion history and pop culture. Designs by NTMB are customized with styles and inscriptions inspired by nature, urban culture, video games, manga and psychedelic culture, as well as calligraphy, murals and church frescoes.

Paying tribute to both urban culture and sustainability, NTMB’s capsule collection for Faith Connexion contains rough elements and strong colors – a true celebration of all things creative.