Inspired by South American muralism, French artist Pisco Logik started his career by painting frescoes in wastelands and on railways, aiming to bring life back to abandoned areas. He has since developed his own unique style, a compelling mixture of graffiti, street art, calligraphy, and muralism. This season, the frequent Faith Connexion collaborator, was full of positivity and brought his unique graffity style back to its essence using engaging catch phrases : Protect Hearth, Unchained, Ignorance Kills...Pisco Logik has been co-organizer of the international “Write 4 Gold” festival in Strasbourg. He has also worked with Louis Vuitton, Coca-Cola and the contemporary art fair “S’tart”. A socially engaged artist, he has run workshops in urban and rural areas, prisons, and for the French charity “Les Restos du Coeur”.