For Winter 2017, the Faces at Faith Connexion leap into movement. Authenticity and style have been the guiding principles from the start. The story unfolds, evolves and deepens each season, unchained from the traditional cycles of fashion.
This cast of “faces” – pulled straight from the reality of the streets - is the incarnation of the FaithConnexion spirit. Irrespective of gender, they remix and reinterpret a wardrobe meant to be borrowed, shared, exchanged – or not – as the mood dictates. With a raw and spontaneous attitude, they showcase clothes imbued with a pre-owned, lived-in feeling – the kind of clothes they dream of having in their own closets. Oversized or second-skin, every piece has a soul, a story, a life apart.
Freedom, desire and emotion are at the heart of the creative process. Everything connects to move forward, as with the collaborations which continue to establish themselves at the center of the idea of connection. Connection, noun: “electric exchange between multiple conductors”. The creative tribe builds up organically through layered encounters, unafraid to integrate diverse aesthetic influences. Street meets glamour, with the French artist Pisco
Logik spray painting jackets, jeans and sweatshirts, inspiration born from the walls of vacant lots. The authentic luxury of a graffiti painted-to- measure. Casual meets refinement, when the iconic Kappa logo is superimposed on a spectacular sequin-covered track pant. The Kappa logo, launched in 1969, consists of two nearly identical back-to- back silhouettes, one male and one female, a perfect complement to the spirit of Faith Connexion.
The collaborations keep coming and are astounding in their variety (NTMB with its tribute to urban culture, 99%is and his punk-rock aesthetic), but each retains the same authentic and nonchalant attitude. A creative tribe with a multitude of inspirations, Faith Connexion captures and elegantly puts forward the authenticity and the attitude of the street in all its diversity.

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