ALAMA is a culture-to-wear label created by a team of Maasai women, who were united by their will to promote the legacy of the Maasai tribe of Tanzania through hand-crafted jewelry pieces.

Committed to both cultural heritage and sustainability, ALAMA’s jewelry collection grows organically, with unique statement pieces instead of seasonal offerings and with a zero waste policy. Each ALAMA piece is crafted with respect for people, animals and the planet.

The jewelry brand is empowered by the non-governmental organization Africa Amini Alama – a charity that improves the living conditions of the Maasai and Meru tribes of Tanzania. Each ALAMA artisan receives a share of revenue generated through sales. Committed to push boundaries across cultures and support artisans around the world, the Faith Connexion collective teamed up with ALAMA for a range of hand-made Maasai inspired necklaces and bracelets for the Spring 2017 season.